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Tweets from #RelativityFest

ACi’s Steve Young, Mary Eastwood Jones and Manu Hanspal had an exceptional reception at #RelativityFest in London this May, as they revealed the Association’s new Investigations Principles and Guidelines and Investigations Typology (available in the ACi Members’ Area).

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Fraud, Asset Tracing & Recovery, Geneva

How are financial institutions re-assessing fraud risks, internal controls, litigation budgets and priorities? Join our COO Basha Galvin on Tuesday, 23rd March for a timely discussion at the C5 Conference with:

-Faizal N., Deputy – Global Head of Anti-Fraud, Credit Suisse

Niki Charilaou, Manager Financial Crime Compliance Department, Bank of Cyprus

Moderated by: Benjamin Borsodi, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd.

ACi members and supports can register with a 10% discount using the code: D10-643-643EX21

For details click here

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Top bank fraud cases and trends to watch in 2021

Our CEO Steve Young joins a panel of Europe’s top banking leaders for a webinar organised by Mine Diren Fornerod, PhD at NetGuardians on 17th March 2021 at 10.00 am CET.
The Panel will explore the current fraud trends observed by the banks and they’ll predict the type of fraud cases that will be on the rise in 2021 and beyond. They’ll examine the top key challenges for the banks and the best practices for effective fraud prevention. They’ll be looking at:

  • What are the current fraud trends observed by the banks?
  • What type of fraud cases are predicted in 2021 and forward?
  • What are the top key challenges for banks?
  • What are the best practices are for an effective fraud prevention?

To register, click here.

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Swiss Investigations Forum – 4th November 2020

What are the most common ways fraudsters commit crime? How is #FinancialCrime evolving? Find out at the 4th Annual Swiss Investigation Forum on 4 November — in a 3D virtual environment.


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Corporate Fraud in the time of Covid

In this Deloitte podcast, our CEO Steve Young talks about the pressures organisations are facing during the Covid-19 pandemic. Under increasing pressure to keep their finance in order and with an the explosion of conterfeit goods, phishing and cyber attacks, many organisations are working harder than ever to prevent fraud using new technologies and ways of working. Steve gives his three top tips to help corporates rise to the challenge.

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Investigations & Corporate Crime Webinar with Mason, Hayes & Curran.

Our CEO Steve Young was delighted to join the panel for MHC’s webinar on the 1 July 2020 to discuss ‘Crisis Management: Planning investigations and dealing with the Regulators/Law Enforcement’.   To view the webinar, visit the Mason Hayes and Curran LLP web site.