Founded to meet the needs of Corporate Investigators

The Association of Corporate Investigators (ACi) is an international non-profit organization established by corporate investigators to cater to the diverse needs of the corporate investigation community, ranging from newcomers to experienced professionals, across various industries.

The Association is unique because it is run by corporate investigators for corporate investigations. A condition of joining the Executive Committee is that all members must themselves be senior in-house investigators. Hence everyone on the Committee has a full-time investigations role, albeit in different countries and industries. This gives ACi clarity of purpose, ensuring all its activities are relevant for members.

Investigations are part of corporate DNA. The global investigations community, and all its related services and technology specialists, is estimated to exceed 500,000 people. The ACi exists to serve and to build this growing community, actively promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion as central to our member-led mission. We undertake training and research for the furtherment of the investigations profession, providing platforms for sharing thought leadership, cross-industry insights, networking opportunities and centralized resources.

Since its early formation in the late 1990s, ACi has been aware that there is a need for a new professional standard for corporate investigators. The aim is to create a professional certification that will become the de facto industry standard for recognizing competence and professionalism in the investigations industry. We have been heavily involved as industry-leading experts in the development of a new ISO Standard for internal investigations. In 2023 we will publish the ACi Corporate Investigations Handbook as a free resource for investigators everywhere.