ACi Principles

The following are the fundamental tenets that the ACi as a global community of investigation practitioners believes are integral to conducting effective corporate investigations.

1. Compliant

With the laws, policies, procedures; aligns with organizational policies.

2. Confidentiality

Need to know rule; protecting information about the witnesses, subjects, and the investigation.

3. Fairness

Impartiality/without bias/procedural fairness (including timeliness): no determination of guilt or innocence.

4. Independence

Free from conflicts of interest/influence; ensuring investigations only instigated for just/ethical reasons; no self-serving interest; free from undue influence.

5. Integrity

Honesty; consistent and uncompromising adherence to ethical and moral principles.

6. Objectivity

Evidence-led; guided by the facts; sound judgement.

7. Professional

Professionalism/ Trained or Qualified and/or Supervised/ Right Investigator/Expertise; following a methodical and planned process.

8. Proportionality

Resourcing and decisions commensurate with size/severity/complexity of task;
minimum level of intrusion/disruption; pursuing relevant lines of enquiry, in a timely manner.

9. Safeguarding

Ensuring your actions do not cause injury or injustice to others; respecting dignity of all parties; protection from retaliation; in certain contexts, in line with the ‘Do No Harm’ principle.

10. Transparency

Documenting steps and decisions to show where the facts came from;
accountability for any mistakes; no omission of material information; will
raise ethical concerns; updating parties as appropriate.