Constitution of the Association of Corporate Investigators


The Association of Corporate Investigators (“ACi”) is a non-profit association championing the role of corporate investigators. The ACi envisages provisioning members with a variety of benefits, which will be progressively offered as part of its proposed membership structure. These include but are not limited to:

  • Independent professional body and industry voice
  • Continued development of the corporate investigation profession
  • Creating networking opportunities amongst members
  • Programme framework and benchmarking data for in-house investigation teams
  • Sharing of career opportunities and jobs forum
  • Organising professional events
  • Publications and knowledge bank
  • Corporate investigations code of ethical conduct for ACi members
  • Training and accreditation for the profession of corporate investigation


The ACi’s vision is that corporate investigations are universally recognised as an accredited profession and that the ACi is a key enabler for continued personal development and operational investigative excellence.


  • Promote the highest ethical standards, including an ACi members code of ethical conduct
  • Support the professional development of members, including accredited qualifications, training, cross-industry insights on corporate investigations programmes and access to a knowledge resource centre
  • The ACi will develop a detailed accreditation programme that will enable ACi members to certify with a professional investigation standard
  • Bring together the corporate investigations community to share best practice
  • Actively promote diversity and inclusion across the corporate investigation community


• The ACi will be a non-partisan, non-profit organisation made up of corporate practitioners in investigations who are drawn from a wide range of industry sectors.

• The ACi will be governed by an Executive Committee (”ExCo”) comprising the following roles:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO)
  • Chief Financial Officer (COO)
  • Association General Counsel (GC)
  • Chief Administration Officer (CAO)
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • Chief Education & Training Officer (CETO)
  • Association Secretary
  • Regional Heads for North America and Canada (”NA”), Europe, Middle East & Africa (”EMEA”), Asia Pacific (”ASPAC”) and Latin America (”LATAM”)

• Any application to the ACi ExCo will be by written nomination only and will be a matter for consideration and approval by all current ACi ExCo members (see Annex A for application process)
• The ExCO will meet weekly by conference call and will meet twice a year face-to-face or via video conference
• External parties i.e. members of the ACi Advisory Panel may be invited to a meeting(s) where they have specific expertise to contribute to the ACi. An invitation will only be issued in agreement with the ExCo.
• The ACi has the ambition of a regional set up in NA/EMEA/ASPAC/LATAM. Each region has a Head of Region (who is also an appointed member of the ACi ExCo)
• The Regional Heads will provide strategic oversight, guidance, support and governance to the ACi’s active regions and to its global body
• The ACi will seek to organise events every year to bring members together for networking purposes and provide input and guidance to the development of the corporate investigation profession.