Confide Forges Strategic Alliance with ACi to Elevate Industry Standards

Partnership with ACi’s Extensive Network to Enhance Confide’s Market Position and Product Offerings

London, United Kingdom

5 February 2024

Confide, the revolutionary governance, risk, and integrity platform founded by Wirecard whistleblower, Pav Gill, announces a strategic collaboration with the Association of Corporate Investigators (ACi). This alliance positions Confide at the forefront of industry innovation, harnessing ACi’s vast member expertise to significantly enhance its product offerings.

The collaboration with ACi, with its network of seasoned corporate investigators, opens new avenues for Confide to refine and tailor its solutions. By tapping into the deep well of ACi’s practical knowledge and experience, Confide will dramatically improve the functionality and relevance of its products, addressing the current market’s unmet needs.

Pav Gill, CEO & Founder of Confide, states, “Partnering with ACi is a game-changer for us. Besides being an industry-first, it provides an unparalleled opportunity to leverage their extensive network and insights, enabling Confide to revolutionise our offerings and better serve the investigative community and beyond.”

Ashu Sharma, Head of the Advisory Panel at ACi, adds, “Our members’ expertise combined with Confide’s innovative approach will undoubtedly lead to superior products that redefine industry benchmarks. Our joint efforts will drive unprecedented innovation and excellence in the services we provide to our members and the industry at large.”

Through this partnership, Confide aims to not only enhance its existing solutions but also to ideate new, cutting-edge tools that align with the real-world challenges and complexities faced by corporate investigators.

This strategic collaboration with ACi signifies a major leap for Confide in its mission to lead and transform the corporate investigation landscape through collaborative innovation and expertise-driven product development.

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