ACi Symposium Agenda


Symposium Opening
ACi ExCo Moderator Welcomes Delegates
Speaker: Simon Scales, ACi


Welcome Address
Speakers: Eve Giles, Partner, Allen & Overy;
Steve Young, CEO, ACi


Whistleblowing Fireside Chat
Duncan Perry, ACi hosts a fireside chat with Stephen Kohn of KK&C LLP and Howard Wilkinson, a British whistleblower whose actions helped illuminate the 2018 Danske Bank money laundering scandal. Howard has been featured on CBS and has testified in front of the Danish Parliament. Howard will discuss his experience, essential listening for all investigators with key insights from Stephen.
Moderator: Duncan Perry, ACi
Speakers: Howard Wilkinson, Whistleblower
Stephen M. Kohn, Founder, KK&C LLP


ESG Investigations
Investigations into environmental social governance allegations are becoming more prevalent, particularly as governments around the world start to introduce mandatory ESG reporting requirements. Investigators can expect allegations of Greenwashing to rise. This session looks at the risks associated with these kinds of investigations and how investigators should approach these cases.
Moderator: Mary Jones, World Trade Organisation
Speakers: Tim Roberts, The Risk Advisory Group Simon Scales, Lloyds Banking Group Christoph Haid, Parter, Schoenherr


Investigations and the Future of Technology – AI and Beyond
The panel discuss technologies designed to enhance investigations practice
Moderator: Jeff Giddings, ACi
Speakers: Kieran McPate, EMEA Lead, Enterprise New Business, Relativity
Benjamin Borsodi, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer
Michael Zimmern, Control Risks


Investigating a member of the C-Suite
A look at the particular challenges of investigating a member of the C-Suite including whether to hire an external investigator and working with your internal and external stakeholders.
Moderator: Basha Galvin, ACi
Speakers: Stephen Storey, Compass Group
Sarah Henchoz, Partner, Allen & Overy
Joanne Taylor, K2 Integrity


New ways of working and the challenges this presents for investigators
Moderator: Patrick Wellens, ACi
Speakers: David Wolfe, The Global Fund
Sam Tate, Partner, RPC
Ray Massie, Forensic Manager, EPIQ


The Very Best Way to Conduct an Interview
The panel will share their thoughts on best practices for interviewing reporters, witnesses and suspected staff during internal investigations. Does a ‘one size fits all’ approach work? They will share their recommended dos and don’ts.
Moderator: Ashu Sharma, ACi
Speakers: Manu Hanspal, Compass Group Eve Giles, Partner, Allen & Overy
Trevor Dickey, Haleon


Investigation Trends – what to expect in 2023
With investigations and enforcement actions on the rise, what’s next for investigations? This panel will give their views on the trends for 2023, the growth of data and its complexity, and their view on the skills investigators will need for the future.
Moderator: Hannah Clare, ACi
Speakers: Amanda Raad, Partner, Ropes & Gray
Jonathan Brown, Ankura
Bryn Parry-Jones, LLoyds Bank Plc


ACi/Deloitte Global Investigations Survey – the key findings
A discussion of the findings of the ACi/Deliotte Investigations survey, what’s new and what can we learn.
Moderator: Alex Moss, ACi
Speakers: Jules Colborne Baber, Deloitte
Deirdre Carwood, Deloitte


SFO – recent enquiry findings
Following two independent reviews of the SFO’s handling of recent cases, we hear from legal experts and one of the enquiry Barristers on the review findings.
Speakers: Polly Sprenger, Partner, Addleshaw Goddard
Rebecca Chalkley, Barrister


Closing Remarks
Speakers: Steve Young, CEO, ACi & Simon Scales, ACi


Networking Drinks