Combatting & Investigating Illicit Trade


In this webinar sponsored by Alvarez and Marsal, we will discuss the challenges of conducting investigations into illicit trade. We will look at the best investigative techniques and which agencies investigators can collaborate with. Panel: Chris Martin, MBA, Dip. Man. OECD Countering Illicit Trade Taskforce Chris has 45 years service in HM Customs and Excise […]

Forensic Accounting in Investigations


This webinar kindly sponsored by FRA will explain the role of the forensic accountant in corporate investigations and give delegates a basic understanding of accounting concepts and principles. The content of this webinar has been certified by the CPD Certification Service as conforming to continuing professional development principles. The webinar is designed for corporate investigators […]

Conducting Corporate Investigations in Central and Eastern Europe


In this ACi webinar kindly sponsored by Scheonherr, we explore the challenges of conducting corporate investigations in Central and Eastern Europe. We will look at some of the key issues investigators face including: Remote investigations and interviews; Working across borders; Language and cultural considerations; Legal requirements; Corporate processes and procedures.  We will look at a range […]

Digital Data: The Current Trends and Challenges for Investigations


Sponsored by Consilio, the webinar will discuss the types of digital data sources being used to assist investigations, current challenges investigators are facing with obtaining digital data, the impact on investigations and how it differs by geography and insights into what the new trends are with digital data in investigations.   Panellists: Edward Nkune Edward […]

Use of Analytics in Regulatory Investigations

Nuix recently conducted a global survey of over 30 regulators across several industries to review how regulators conducted their investigations from tip-off to conclusions. Identifying data sharing challenges, new data types, using analytic tools for visualization and end-user solutions.  This webinar will share the findings of the survey, providing an insight into how regulators handle investigations.    […]

The use of AI and forensic technology in investigations in South Africa


  Fraud, corruption, money laundering, bribery: all part of our daily news diet. Do these issues conjure up images of teams of lawyers, forensic accountants, investigators, tons of files, gazillion pieces of data, huge expenditure to gather evidence: all somewhat overwhelming? Then add to the mix the deep web, the dark web, the open web, […]

Fireside with Antoine Deltour


  In this session, ACi's CEO Steve Young interviews Antoine Deltour - the main whistleblower in LuxLeaks case.   Antoine worked as an auditor for PwC Luxembourg from 2008 to 2010. When he resigned, he copied hundreds of tax rulings that have lead, amongst other documents, to the so-called “LuxLeaks scandal”. The disclosure of large-scale […]

The EU Whistleblowing Directive & Investigations


 A discussion about what the directive requires in respect of the investigations process and how your organisation can comply. This webinar is kindly sponsored by   Panel Christoph Haid is a partner at Schoenherr and joined the law firm in January 2004. He is a member of the EU & Competition department and co-heads Schoenherr's […]

Whistleblowing reporting channels & systems – how to measure effectiveness


            In this webinar sponsored by EY, we look at how to measure the effectiveness of Whistleblowing systems. Measuring the effectiveness of Whistleblowing presents Heads of Investigations, Boards of Directors, the Whistleblowing Champion and the Audit committee - who are the recipients of Management Information - an array of data […]

Managing Whistleblowers during an investigation and should Whistleblowers be rewarded?


    In this webinar sponsored by Constantine Cannon we look at Managing Whistleblowers: how should Whistleblowers be managed during an investigation and should they be rewarded?     Panel   Christopher Ehrman Christopher Ehrman is the Director of the Whistleblower Office at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. Section 748 of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street […]

Measuring Investigations Effectiveness

In this webinar sponsored by Deloitte, we examine concepts relating to how organisations demonstrate value from their investigation programme.  This event will be particularly of interest to those reviewing existing […]