The Tech Savvy Investigator at Relativity Fest London

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the investigations industry in ways we could have never predicted. But the industry has adapted rapidly, forever changing the way we use technology to conduct investigations. In this session, you'll hear from experts with real-world examples of the ways investigations have changed during the past year. You'll walk away with […]

How a Digital Detective Approach can enhance your Investigation

In this webinar sponsored by Accuracy, we look at how a “digital detective” approach can be used to enhance your investigations with forensic information. This event will be of interest to all investigators and will demonstrate how various forensic clues can be leveraged for investigative advantages. Please join our panel as they discuss: How can […]

Investigations v2.0 – How to uncover the truth using Data & Technology


With the plethora of data, how do in-house investigations teams undertake modern-day investigations? By supplementing their investigations using Technology to sift through the data using artificial intelligence, we discuss Technology’s theoretical and practical uses, including case studies from regulatory investigations and employee-related investigations. Webinar time 9.30 - 11.00 am GMT + 1/ 4.30 - 6.00 […]

Digital forensic and investigations – The Next Generation


Investigations have become more complex not only because of the nature of an investigation but also the technology used by the workforce. In this session sponsored by Deloitte, we will showcase how traditional and proactive digital forensic methodologies allows an investigator to identify, assess and report on core issues relevant to a matter.     […]

Supply chain integrity: identifying and investigating ethical issues in your supply chain


In this webinar, kindly sponsored by Control Risks, our panellists will share their expertise on various procurement related matters, and how best to deal with ethical failures when these arise. Without adequate controls in place, supply chain departments run a risk of harbouring fraudulent activity either as a result of the failure of systems, processes and […]

AI Powered Data Breach Response and Investigation


Identifying and responding to a data breach can be a very daunting task. Whilst there is no perfect, automated technology solution to manage the breach response and investigation, by combing powerful AI with process-driven human review there is light at the end of the tunnel. In this webinar kindly sponsored by OpenText you will learn […]

Investigations Quality Assurance


Conducting proportionate and robust investigations takes skill and experience.  In this webinar sponsored by Grant Thornton we will look at several elements – generally and throughout the investigation life-cycle – that may help investigators identify and improve the quality and consistency of their investigations, and help stakeholders gain assurance over the same.       […]

Navigating Senior Management Investigations


For all investigators, navigating senior management allegations involves handling a number of unique challenges. In particular, sensitivities arise regarding initial escalation, stakeholder engagement, data retrieval and review, and conducting interviews. Issues may also arise regarding whether the individual remains in their role during the investigation, notifications to relevant regulatory bodies, and consequence management. At the […]

Remote Investigations – looking ahead


Remote Investigations have become the norm during the Covid-19 Pandemic but are they here to stay? In this webinar kindly sponsored by Control Risks, seasoned investigators from the Middle East and the UK will explore the challenges and opportunities remote investigations and interviews presented during the pandemic. The panel will look at the role technology […]