Members’ Meeting Summary

Thank you for a well-attended ACi Members Meeting last Wednesday 8th December. For those of you who couldn’t make it:

We reflected on challenges and successes for our association in 2021 with no in-person events and training, and a deceleration of some of our core projects. However, thanks to our members, sponsors and guest panelists, we managed to deliver 21 webinars/online sessions, reaching 2,400 attendees.

We covered the ACi’s strategic plans for 2022 and beyond, informed by feedback from the ACi members survey. Pandemic-permitting, we hope to see a return to in-person networking and training events around the world. We will also be delivering more of our popular webinars and practitioner-focused events. We are working in earnest on our core projects (certification pathway, uniform principles and code of ethics, corporate investigations typology and others).

As ever, we invite our members to contribute ideas and subject matter expertise to help us champion the role of corporate investigator and serve the corporate investigations community.

Please pick a project to get involved in next year (any size or time contribution is appreciated) and register your interest here:

Thank you to all our members, sponsors, collaborators and followers for your continuous support.

ACi members can download a copy of the Members Meeting presentation here: